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Program to remove space within strings

The approach is to use a pointer to the string and traverse this string using a for loop. Every time the pointer encounters a string its assigned to the string.

#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
using namespace std;

void SpaceRemover(char str[], int len)
 int i,j;
 char *out;
 //pointer to string

 //traverse the string using a for loop
 //if no space is found assign pointer to string
 if(*out!=' ')
 //end of string is made NULL
 cout<<"\nAfter space is removed="<<str<<"\n";

int main()
 char str[100];
 cout<<"\nEnter the string = ";
 cin.getline(str, 100);

 SpaceRemover(str, strlen(str));

 return 0;

We can also use isspace() function to check for a space.


laptop:~/code$ ./a.out

Enter the string = algorithms is f u n

After space is removed=algorithmsisfun

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