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Program to find if a machine is big endian or little endian

I have a Intel processor laptop running a Linux OS. so the result of the program was a little endian. However to verify if the program is correct a bash script is run to check if it is correct .

For little endian lower-order byte of the number is stored in memory at the lowest address and for big endian higher-order byte is stored at lowest address.

#include "stdio.h"
#define BIG_ENDIAN 0
int main()
	int value;
	value = endian();
	if (value == 1)
	printf("Machine is little endian\n",value);
	printf("Machine is Big Endian\n",value);
int endian() {
short int word = 0x0001;
char *byte = (char *) &word;
return (byte[0] ? LITTLE_ENDIAN : BIG_ENDIAN);

laptop:~/code$ ./a.out
Machine is little endian

laptop:~/code$ echo -n I | od -to2 | head -n1 | cut -f2 -d” ” | cut -c6

1 indicated its little endian.

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